I started down this creative digital path as a Website Developer. That was the title that I bestowed upon myself back in 2007 when I launched my business, Vibrant Press. The WordPress platform had arrived on the scene several years earlier and out of necessity, I needed a website for my previous startup, a tech-support business where I was CTO, receptionist, and head floor mopper. Like many of us “techies”, I believed that since I knew about operating systems and networks, surely I could learn some basic coding and build a website for myself.

And I was right. My ambition kicked into high gear. I was soon building websites for family members, friends, and the occasional paid client that heard of me through word-of-mouth. Yes, I was that guy…”Oh, my brother-in-law can do this. We don’t need to hire anyone.”

However unlike some brother-in-laws, I became a competent coder. I had a curiosity for design and prioritized functionality and performance over the flashy content that was all the rage back at that time (remember flash?) .

Coding was fun. The WordPress expression, “Code is Poetry” invited me into a world of creativity and dare I say, art. It was way more fun than removing viruses and troubleshooting networks. I closed shop with my tech-support business and Vibrant Press was born.

I honed my skills, tackled PHP, dissected WordPress themes, and played with Bootstrap and Foundation. I became an advocate for the WordPress platform. The writing was on the wall – WordPress would become the most widely used website platform on the internet.

In the early days, oftentimes it was enough to tell a client,  “If you build it, they will come.” And, more often than not, this was an accurate statement.

Those days have long since passed.

Succeeding in today’s digital landscape requires a focused, agile, and smart approach to crafting online content. Drawing upon years of experience, my approach to digital success combines key ingredients of design, engaging content, SEO, social media, newsletter & email campaigns, and an ever evolving menu of services.

I work creatively and efficiently while following an ethos of best practices and high standards. Joy and curiosity fuels passion. I’m passionate about what I do and it shows.

Welcome to Vibrant Press Digital Media.