I started down this creative digital path as a Website Developer. That was the title that I bestowed upon myself back in 2007 when I launched my business, Vibrant Press. The WordPress platform had arrived on the scene several years earlier and out of necessity, I needed a website for my previous startup, a tech-support business where I was CTO, receptionist, and head floor mopper. Like many of us “techies”, I believed that since I knew about operating systems and networks, surely I could learn some basic coding and build a website for myself.

And I was right. My ambition kicked into high gear. I was soon building websites for family members, friends, and the occasional paid client that heard of me through word-of-mouth. Yes, I was that guy…”Oh, my brother-in-law can do this. We don’t need to hire anyone.”

However unlike some brother-in-laws, I became a competent coder. I had a curiosity for design and prioritized functionality and performance over the flashy content that was all the rage back at that time (remember flash?) .

Coding was fun. The WordPress expression, “Code is Poetry” invited me into a world of creativity and dare I say, art. It was way more fun than removing viruses and troubleshooting networks. I closed shop with my tech-support business and Vibrant Press was born.

I honed my skills, tackled PHP, dissected WordPress themes, and played with Bootstrap and Foundation. I became an advocate for the WordPress platform. The writing was on the wall – WordPress would become the most widely used website platform on the internet.

In the early days, oftentimes it was enough to tell a client,  “If you build it, they will come.” And, more often than not, this was an accurate statement.

Those days have long since passed.

Succeeding in today’s digital landscape requires a focused, agile, and smart approach to crafting online content. Drawing upon years of experience, my approach to digital success combines key ingredients of design, content creation, SEO, social media, email marketing, and an ever evolving menu of services.

I work creatively and efficiently while following an ethos of best practices and high standards. Joy and curiosity fuels passion. I’m passionate about what I do and it shows.

Welcome to Vibrant Press Digital Media.