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Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth Paint is a rapidly growing small business brought to life by Drew and Leah Mebane. Featuring non-toxic, earth-based paint pigments and artist’s kits, this site features a full-fledged ecommerce system built on the Shopify platform. Responsive and adaptable to small screens, purchases can be made from any device, anywhere. Awesome site graphics by Rogue Design Group.


Siskiyou School

The Siskiyou School is a Waldorf-based school located in Ashland, Oregon. The school site is accessed frequently by the school community for keeping up to date on school activities. Many prospective families use the site to learn about the school and local Waldorf pre-schools. Integration with Google calendar and Facebook photos keeps the content current.


Small Yellow Horses

Small Yellow Horses is an ecommerce website based on the Woocommerce platform for WordPress. Graphic artist, Ketzia Schoneberg not only creates the art on which her products are based, she also manages the site through Woocommerce’s spot on simple user interface.