– An open source scheduling app

After years of scheduling appointments with Calendly, I’ve moved on from my “beta” testing and made the leap to The verdict? So far, I’m pleased with the toolset, interface, and ease with which works. To be fair, Calendly is a solid product. It has served me well over the years. The decision to migrate to was initially a financial one. All of the features that I need for scheduling appointments is included in the free plan of, whereas I was paying for these services with Calendly. is open source and their team is committed to supporting this model. I’m all for that. The company is actively supporting their platform and the integrations with third party apps continues to grow. Are there any downsides? My only issue, and it’s a minor one is the API request time could be a quicker. Things just feel a little slower than they should with the user-interface. Again, only a minor issue and one that their team is aware of and working to improve. The service is supported on multiple platforms and devices, and offers both enterprise and self-hosted options.