Passkeys – a passwordless solution?

Google is spearheading a new “passwordless” login option for accessing online accounts and apps. Touted as a more secure, less hackable method of storing login credentials, passkey information is digitally connected with your fingerprint or facial recognition. From Google,

Passkeys are a safer and easier replacement for passwords. With passkeys, users can sign in to apps and websites with a biometric sensor (such as a fingerprint or facial recognition), PIN, or pattern, freeing them from having to remember and manage passwords.

There are some limitations. Though passkeys work across multiple platforms and devices, currently they won’t sync across these platforms, unless you are in the Apple ecosystem.

This might be a turn off for many users, however this will undoubtedly change as the technology evolves. The lingering question – is this a step toward a more secure digital experience or a deeper integration between our personal identities and digital technology?

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